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A Parser for Formatted Text in WPF / Silverlight

I finally got round to implement on-the-fly text formatting for Sketchables, which will  allow you to define text formatting while typing (similar to wikis or forum posts). Sketchables will parse such strings and format them on the fly for you: the star renders *bold* text I didn’t rely on regular expressions here, but wrote a […]

Sketchables 0.9 – Public Preview Release

I wanted to officially release Sketchables weeks ago, but business just got in the way – and it turned out that my plan to just working at night / on weekends didn’t work either because, well, business got in the way there, too. However, my deadline ends in little more than a week (and I’ll […]

Announcing Sketchables – Rapid Mockup Creation with SketchFlow

SketchFlow is a great addition to Blend, but I was missing the ability to create quick mockups of user interfaces. I’m a huge fan of productivity tools such as Balsamiq, and I was sorely missing its ease and speed in SketchFlow. Meet Sketchables. Sketchables is a simple framework complemented by a set of controls that […]

An Abstraction Layer for Temporary Data in .NET and Silverlight

Up until now, I’ve dealt with temporary data in my .NET applications using local files and FileInfo instances.  This worked just fine – until I needed a solution that works under both .NET and Silverlight. The problem: In Silverlight, you can’t just create a temporary file on the file system for security reasons. Instead, there’s […]

A Custom Text Encoding Generator For Silverlight

Unlike the .NET platform, Silverlight only provides two text encodings out of the box: UTF-8 (UTF8Encoding class) and UTF-16 (UnicodeEncoding class). Accordingly, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to encode or decode data with another encoding (e.g. iso-8859-1), you’ll have to write your own Encoding class (or delegate the work to […]

Input Focus from the View Model – Configured via Blend Behaviors

Background / Focus of this Article WPF wizard and fellow WPF Disciple Josh Smith published an article yesterday that showed how to control input focus from View Model objects using attached properties and a custom binding extension. Prior to the article, there was a discussion in the Disciples group, during which I looked into using […]

Microsoft WPF DataGrid vs. Commercial Solution: 1:0

I’ve never been really happy with the commercial data grid I’ve been using so far – the whole API felt somewhat “winformish”, and required my to write a lot of XAML or even code for even the most basic tasks. Today, I needed a simple grid on one of my current projects, and immediately got […]

Detecting Double Click Events on the WPF DataGrid

Either I missed the obvious solution, or there is indeed no simple way to catch double click events on a given row of Microsoft’s WPF DataGrid. This snippet here fires the event whenever the grid is clicked – it doesn’t matter whether the user double-clicks into an empty area (no rows) or a row: <!– […]

Moving WPF DataGrid Rows using Drag and Drop

For my upcoming NetDrives tool (will be released shortly) I wanted to enable the user to reorder managed network shares using drag and drop using a preview of the dragged row:   As it turned out, it’s not too hard to implement, but it took my a while to find all pieces of the puzzle, […]

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