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Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint 2010: Support at Last

Irrespective of what platform we work on, as developers, it’s unlikely that we are ever satisfied with the basic toolset we are given to work with. While Visual Studio can hardly be called basic, there is no doubt that we, as a breed, always seem to find something to complain about or wish for. Back […]

Setting the decimal point and rounding at runtime

For the report showing the financial data using various currency type, sometimes we need to set the decimal point and rounding for certain fields at runtime. Thus, a user who want to preview the report can determine the decimal point that appears on the report easily. For example, when displaying report using the Indonesia’s currency […]

Creating subreport on Crystal Report XI

Subreport is a technique to insert another report into a certain section of the main report. Usually, subreport is inserted into the detail section of the main report. But it is also possible to insert it into another section too. Subreport is very useful when we want to display the report which has more complex […]

Barcodes in Crystal Reports

Barcodes can be generated and embedded within Crystal Report XI or later using the barcode servlets provided in Barcode Tools for Crystal Reports or Barcode 2D Tools for Crystal Reports. For earlier versions of Crystal Reports either font-based barcodes created using a User Function Library, or OLE images created using the Crystal Report Design Component […]

Visual Studio VB 2010 Enhancements

The latest evolution of VB in Visual Studio will bring with it a bundle of C# functionality, nudging the two languages even closer together. To ensure we’re ready to make the most of these enhancements, Hima Vejella takes us through each new feature. Introduction The constant debate between C# and VB developers over which language […]

Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects and Web Deployment Projects

In May, Microsoft released version 1.0 of Web Application Projects, a much needed add-in for Visual Studio 2005. This article sets out why I strongly recommend you check them out if you’re building and deploying VS 2005 / ASP.NET 2.0 web applications. Ed: This article originally appeared on Rick’s blog (and in Code Magazine). With […]

Build and Deploy a .NET COM Assembly

In this article I’ll build a .NET COM assembly following the recommended best practices, and show you how to deploy it with a Visual Studio Setup and Deployment Project. I’ll also show you two types of client for the COM object (early binding and late binding) and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Sometimes […]

Debugger visualizers

Debugging in Visual Studio.NET 2005 Debugging is an important process for any level of programming to ensure programs function as expected. Most productive developer environments provide tools and utilities to assist with the debugging process. Visual Studio.NET 2005 is equipped with a number of debugger visualizers, but users can also create their own based on […]

Visual Studio Setup – projects and custom actions

Second in a series on Visual Studio setup This article describes the kinds of custom actions that can be used in your Visual Studio setup project. Introduction It’s often necessary to add your own code to a Visual Studio setup project, which is accomplished using custom actions. Custom actions are in contrast to the standard […]

Getting started with setup projects

First in a series on Visual Studio setup and deployment This article describes the basics of Visual Studio setup and deployment projects. Subsequent articles will cover advanced topics, including more on custom actions, .NET installer classes, and how to build an upgrade for the product. Introduction Setup and deployment projects have always been a part […]

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