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Web Testing with Selenium Sushi: A Practical Guide and Toolset

Some testing categories, such as unit testing, are well-supported by tools. User-Interface (UI) testing, however, has challenges all its own, and is often looked upon with trepidation because it is difficult to automate. So each new release of a product requires hoards of manual testers clicking and typing away to regression test the UI. Automation […]

Taming Sandcastle: A .NET Programmer’s Guide to Documenting Your Code

The most effective way to document .NET code so that others can understand it and use it, is to use XML Documentation and SandCastle. It isn’t that easy. Michael Sorens produces the easy guide to the process that Microsoft never managed, and introduces several applications that help. Contents XML Documentation Comments: First Look. Doc-Comment Elements. […]

Optimizing my client and server with ANTS Performance Profiler

It might seem a hopeless task to reduce the time an application takes to do a task from three minutes to a second.  However, after getting hold of a tool that showed him precisely what was taking the time, Jonathan Evans gained a renewed  fascination with performance that led to him shaving what  he terms the  “banana seconds” […]

SmartAssembly: Eating Our Own Dogfood

Quite often at Red Gate, we are some of our own most enthusiastic software-users. SmartAssembly is a case in point. In the words of the current IT cliché, ‘we eat our own dogfood’. We sent Andrew Clarke to find out more…. Error reporting in action The other day I was trying to load notes from […]

Multi-Tier Performance Tuning with ANTS Performance Profiler 6

When you are developing a database application that, by its very nature, suffers from I/O bottlenecks, you need to get a complete picture of how all the tiers of your application work together. By quickly determining whether the problem is code-related or part of a database process, you will be well on the way to […]

Creating WPF Prototypes with SketchFlow

Prototyping with SketchFlow transforms what was once a frustrating and time-consuming chore. With SketchFlow, WPF prototypes can be created and changed with amazing ease. SketchFlow is WPF’s secret weapon. Well, it was secret until Michael Sorens produced this article. Create Better, Faster, and Cheaper Prototypes with SketchFlow (a WPF design tool) Typical prototypes take too […]

Mutation Testing

 You may have a twinge of doubt when your code passes all its unit tests. They might say that the code is OK, but if the code is definitely incorrect, will the unit tests fail? Mutation Testing is a relatively simple, but ingenious, way of checking that your tests will spot the fact that your code is malfunctioning. […]

Obfuscating Silverlight with SmartAssembly

 If you are in the .NET Software business, you have a problem. .NET assemblies can be read, and debugged, by the purchaser with almost the same ease as if you’d distributed the source code. This isn’t always what you wanted or intended, so you’ll need an application such as Smart Assembly. Khawar explains the simple process of […]

Essential Tools for the WPF Novice

When Michael sets out to do something, there are no half-measures; So when he set out to learn WPF, we all stand to benefit from the thorough research that he put into the task. He wondered what utility applications could assist programming in WPF.  Here are the fruits of all his work. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) […]

.NET Reflector Pro to the rescue

 Almost all applications have to interface with components or modules written by somebody else, for which you don’t have the source code. This is fine until things go wrong, but when you need to refactor your code and you keep getting strange exceptions, you’ll start to wish you could place breakpoints in someone else’s code […]

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