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How to Remove Table Partitioning

How to Remove (Undo) Table Partitioning I have seen plenty of articles and blog posts out there for how to setup and implement table partitioning, but very few for removing or undoing it.  So I thought I would cover a few ways to accomplish this while still preserving the data. There could be many reasons […]

C# Snippet Tutorial – Get File Listings

 Ok, so can you even begin to tell me how many files you have on your computer? I can’t either. There are so many reasons you could need to get file listings in C#, and thanks to the System.IO namespace, doing so is just about as easy as including the namespace itself. Really all you need […]

Bind a Combo Box to an Enumeration in Visual Studio .NET

 An enumeration is a related set of constants. The enumeration members between the Enum and End Enum statements are initialized to constant values. Enumeration is used to group a set of constants under a common name, so the value can be referred to by a string value rather than the numeric value. For example, this […]

Calling SQL Server With A BlackBerry Phone

R Glen Cooper Overview This article provides a simple Web page to play multimedia files on a home computer using a BlackBerry phone. It does this by using SQL Server to store selected binary images (documents, music, videos, etc.) bulk copied to it. Such images may be opened on a smart phone, copied to other […]

Working with Images- A Complete Guide

Working with Images Ever since Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) were invented, developers have been keen to use images to make their programs easier to use, and more attractive and intuitive to their users. Images brighten up an otherwise boring and clinical computer screen, and make the general computing experience more enjoyable. Visual support facilitates the […]

Windows 7: Taskbar Extension in Event in Time Application

Big idea with simple implementation (you use it daily) Download source code – 417.19 KB Download sample run – 397.51 KB Introduction Because exams are at the door and for businessman events, I made this program to manage events with alarm that you choose from your computer :), and I use the features of Windows 7 […]

C# Delegates, Anonymous Methods, and Lambda Expressions – O My!

Introduction Delegates, anonymous methods, and lambda expressions can be very confusing in .NET. I think this is proven in code like the example below. Which one of the calls to First compiles? Which one returns the answer we are looking for; namely the Customer with the ID 5. The answer, incidentally, is that all six […]

Soccerlight World Cup 2010

Download source code – 1.34 MB Contents Introduction Background System Requirements Soccerlight Solution Intro Menu Soccerlight Table Score Control The Goals Jabulani Players Player Info Bar Strength Control Bar Stadium Screen Wish List / Known Issues Final Considerations Introduction This is my first Silverlight game. Some months ago, I had the idea to create something […]

C# Snooker

Sound-enabled pool game for C#. Download demo – 924 KB Download source code – 1.08 MB Introduction This article is intended to share some nice discoveries of writing a pool game in C#. Although my first motivation is to give readers some useful programming information, I’m also hoping you really enjoy the game itself. Background […]

Working with Window Functions in SQL Server

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