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New Controls in ASP.Net 3.5

This article will describe the following Ajax extension related controls: ScriptManager, ScriptManagerProxy, Timer, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress and List View in ASP.NET 3.5.  The article will be divided into two parts; the first section covering Ajax extension related controls and how these controls have fundamentally change the approach of web development, the second will cover the List […]

ASP.NET’s Menu control offers another site map navigation option

An overview of the Menu control The Menu control includes static elements displayed on the page and dynamic items or menus that appear when the user selects a particular menu element. It also supports displaying data from a hierarchal data source control. Elements may be defined in a data source or programmatically added to the […]

Understanding Custom Server Controls in ASP.NET

ASP.NET offers many server controls for the developers to create web applications. However, at some point of development time when the developer does not get the control they want, they can create a new server control. This new server control can be called ASP.NET Custom Server Controls or user control. The basic difference between a […]

WebMatrix: Website Development made easier?

Microsoft’s WebMatrix Beta 2 comes with some interesting technologies, such as Razor and IIS Developer Express. It promises a much simpler way of getting Web Applications up and running, either by using a configurable package, or by writing code from scratch. Jinath investigates to see what’s in store with WebMatrix. When you want to build and […]

jQuery Goodness in a DotNet World

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. It shields the programmer from the idiosyncrasies in the way that each browser implements the language: it makes life easier by doing all the routine chores and takes the pain out of AJAX. It also introduces a ‘Wow’ factor to browser-based applications. Now we have Web […]

Advice on CSS you’ll wish your mother told you

William Brewer turns a jaundiced eye to the task of laying out  web pages using CSS, and gives some nuggets from years of occasional page design. It is, of course, set with a a stylesheet he’s come up with to demo a few of his points. There are several vital pieces of advice about laying […]

AJAX basics with jQuery in ASP.NET

 ASP.NET now has support for the jQuery JavaScript library. Although ASP.NET  integrated AJAX technology by introducing the is the UpdatePanel server control, jQuery offers an alternative, and more versatile, way of doing it and a great deal more besides. Matteo shows how easy it is to get started with using jQuery. A Step Ahead of the UpdatePanel […]

ASP.NET 4.0 Features

 ASP.NET v4 is released with Visual studio 2010. Web developers are presented with a bewildering range of new features and so Ludmal De Silva has described what he considers to be the most important new features in ASP.NET V4 The focus of Microsoft’s latest ASP.NET 4has mainly been on improving the performance and Search-engine Optimization […]

Mapping Your Data with Bing Maps and SQL Server 2008

Jonas Stawski takes you step by step through a sample project that demonstrates how to create an application that can get GeoSpatial coordinate data for addresses within a SQL Server database, and then use that data to locate those addresses on a Bing Map on a website as pushpins, either grouped or ungrouped: And there […]

Back to Basics: Structuring a Web Page with CSS and ASP.NET

Nick explains why such habits as using nested HTML Tables to position content in the right place on the browser page is bad practice and, nowadays, avoidable. This is just one ‘Markup smell’ that he discusses on the way to demonstrating the benefits of CSS Style-sheets and ASP.NET Master Pages. Introduction Here we will go […]

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