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  Figure 1   This is a very easy tutorial, and I know plenty of other sites has covered this issue, but still I get so many e-mails from people asking how to make scanlines etc., so I decided to make my own tutorial about this. First I’ll show you how to make a little […]


  Open a new image – white background. Mine is 650 x 50 pixels. Create a new layer an select the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Select an area about the height in my image and fill it with any color.   Now it’s time to add some layer styles . Add a Gradient Overlay using my […]

Pixelated shadow

  Fig. 1 This is a very easy tutorial, but I love this effect. (This tutorial works in both PS 5.5 and PS 6). Ok – here it goes: Open the image you want to add the text to, or create a new one of course 🙂 Fig. 2 Type your text. This effect looks […]

Liquify tool

    Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3: Original picture My little Blue Eyes 🙂 Warp Tool Different brush sizes Mode: Stiff Warp Tool Brush size: 29 Pressure: 50 Mode: Loose I just tried out the liquify tool the other day – and bam! I fell in love instantly 🙂 This is just so incredible […]

Bubble Gum text

  Final result! Hey Guys! Ready for some yummy plastic text? This effect is made using lightning effects, the plastic wrap filter and layer styles, and I think it looks really smooth. Hmm – suddenly I got the urge for some bubble gum 🙂   Fig. 1 Start by opening a new image (mine is […]

Cartoon eyes

  Fig. 1 It’s time to have some fun again 🙂 This is a pretty easy tutorial, but with a little imagination you can make some really funny figures. Open up a new document – I used white background – and create a new layer called Eyeball. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and make a […]

Interface tutorial

    Finally! The Interface tutorial you have been nagging about is here! So roll up those shirtsleeves and flex those PS muscles – it’s Interface time! PS! By clicking the small thumbnails you will be able to see a big screenshot… Fig. 1 Ok – here we go… This interface covers quite a few […]

Slicing images

  There has been a lot of talk lately in the forum regarding this issue. How to slice an image you have made in Photoshop – the quick and easy way. Here I’ll show you a very fast and simple way to do this. A quick tip on the way: Plain text and very simple […]

Chrome buttons

Fig. 1 Create a new document, and add your desired background color. Then create a new layer (layer 1) and select the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw a shape similar to mine in figure 1. PS! Make sure the Create Filled Region is checked . Then we can alter the shape later on without first […]

The Healing brush & The Patch tool

  Photoshop 7 The Healing Brush and the Patch tool are new with PS 7. Earlier we had the Clone Stamp tool – which is great too – but these two new features are just awesome! The Healing Brush works the same way as the Clone Stamp tool, but the healing brush tool also matches […]

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