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PowerShell Version 2: What is new and why is it important?

It was a year ago that Microsoft shipped PowerShell 2. Jonathan Medd  lists the top ten reasons why PowerShell 2 should be an important tool  for your work. On 22nd October 2009 Microsoft released Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7; PowerShell, version 2.0 was included as a part of that release. PowerShell version 1.0 had […]

New Remoting Features in PowerShell 2.0

Eager to quell misinformation, Jonathan Medd points why PowerShell 2.0 is so much more than just super-charged SSH. He describes some new commands with full remoting functionality, and then explains persistent sessions, and how they give you that much sought-after power: administration automation. PowerShell 1.0 was a fantastic leap forward for Windows-based administrators, enabling them […]

So You Thought PowerShell Was Only For Exchange 2007

PowerShell makes a lot of sense as a means of gathering information, and automating large sections of your administration tasks. It is not just for the latest version of Exchange, though. Powershell can be used on previous versions too. Jonathan Medd gets you started! Introduction When Microsoft released Exchange 2007 they built the Exchange Management […]

Managing Exchange 2007 Mailbox Quotas with Windows PowerShell

The use of PowerShell with Exchange Server 2007 can do a great deal to ease the task of managing mailbox quotas. You can, for example, use scripts to customize quota messages, retrieve mailbox sizes, and set the quotas. Ben shows you how, in the 2nd installment of his Top Tips for SysAdmins.  Most Exchange organizations […]

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