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Connecting the Disconnected in Exchange 2010

Since  Exchange 2000, and the introduction of the document retention period it has been much easier to recover mailboxes, disconnect or connect mailboxes to users, and disable mailboxes. Exchange 2010 has introduced the personal archive, which adds a slight complication. Michel de Rooij explains how to deal with this, and clean up mailboxes that are still within the […]

OCS Disaster Recovery, Part 2

There are several possible disasters which might happen to your Office Communications Server environment. This will be everything from a file share which becomes corrupted, all the way over to a complete OCS server recovery. None of these will present a problem if you’ve prepared for disaster recovery beforehand. Johan explains what to do when […]

Importing PSTs into Exchange 2010, The Easy Way

PST Importing has always been a bit messy. With Exchange 2010’s Personal Archiving feature, it’s become more pertinent, yet still comes with pit-falls, gotchas, and inexplicable errors. James Allison has done some research, and presents an easy way to smoothly tackle the whole problem. The process of importing multiple users’ PST files into Exchange 2010 […]

Identifying Exchange ActiveSync Users with PowerShell

Just recently, a problem involving the iPhone/iPod’s synchronisation process with Exchange 2007, made it necessary for Exchange Administrators  to alert various mail users to upgrade to the latest version of Apple’s iOS 4. Ben shows how easily he was able to do this for his organisation, using Exchange’s Management Shell with PowerShell and some Exchange cmdlets. […]

Increasing Email Size Limits for your High Profile Users in Exchange 2010

If you ever need to set up fine-grained rules to control the maximum size of messages a subset of your picky users’ can send or receive, Krishna Kumar has you covered. His step-by-step instructions will tell you everything you need to know to keep emails sizes under control. A huge amount of business happens through […]

Reinventing the Exchange email archiver

If you could design an Exchange email archiver from scratch, what would you do differently and how would you bring it to maturity? Bob Cramblitt talks with three principals from the new Exchange Server Archiver 3.0 development team and gets the inside story on the soul of a new archiver. The interviewees: Rob Chipperfield, lead […]

Manageable and Trim: A Review of Exchange Server Archiver 3.0

Sean Duffy, always keen to be on the cutting edge of making his job as a production SysAdmin as painless as possible, puts V3.0 of Red Gate’s Exchange Server Archiver through its paces. His verdict: an impressive and transparent tool for managing your Exchange environment. "Archiving". Lately, this seems to be quite the buzzword – […]

Restoring Exchange Server 2010 using Windows Server Backup

In his previous article, Antoine Khater made sure that every Exchange SysAdmin knew how to backup their servers. Now that you’ve got your backups running smoothly, his latest no-nonsense guide covers exacty how to restore everything from whole servers to individual mailboxes and items, and how to do it fast. In my last article we […]

What’s New in Exchange Server 2010 SP1?

The very latest and greatest incarnation of Exchange Server 2010, Service Pack 1 Beta, is now available for the public to try out. Lucky for us, Jaap’s had access to the new release for quite some time, and he gives us a distilled guide to exactly what is new and improved. During TechEd US in […]

OCS Disaster Recovery Part 1

Office Communications Server stores its data in a variety of locations, which can make backing it up and disaster recovery a slightly tricky business. Thankfully, Johan Velduis is here to tell which databases and fileshares we need to worry about, and give us peace of mind. In my last series of articles, I explained how […]

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