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SQL Server Statistics: Problems and Solutions

SQL Server Statistics assist the query optimiser to calculate the best way of running the query. Holger describes every common way that things can go wrong with statistics, and how to put matters right. Normally, you do not need to be too concerned about the way that your SQL Queries are executed. These are passed to […]

SSIS Multicast Transformation vs Conditional Split Transformation

Problem In a data warehousing scenario, it’s not rare to replicate data of a source table to multiple destination tables, sometimes it’s even required to distribute data of a source table to two or more tables depending on some condition.  For example splitting data based on location. So how we can achieve this with SSIS? […]

Transfer Database Task and Transfer SQL Server Objects Task in SSIS

Problem Making copies of databases, moving databases to another SQL Server instance and transferring SQL Server objects to another database are frequent tasks a DBA performs. In this tip I am going to demonstrate how you can use SSIS to perform these operations. Solution In my previous tips, I showed how you can use SMO […]

How to Manage SSIS Packages Stored in Multiple Database Instances

Problem We have deployed SSIS packages to the default instance of SQL Server.  We recently installed a named instance of SQL Server on the same server and would like to manage the SSIS packages stored in both the default and named instances of SQL Server from SQL Server Management Studio.  However, after installing the named […]

How to add NULL defense for dates in SSIS packages

Problem One of the biggest challenges in a ETL project is faced during data cleansing. NULLs are one of the most unexpected and problematic issues that can make a SSIS package fail. Defensive programming against NULLs is very important, especially when you are dealing with data migration projects where data from OLTP or other source […]

Undo feature in SSIS package designer

Problem One of the most awaited features for SSIS developers is an undo functionality in the package designer of BIDS. If you make any changes to the package, whether it be a logical change or a formatting change, once it’s done there is no way to undo the changes. Also if you are in the […]

Passing dynamic parameter values to SQL Server Integration Services SSIS

Problem When using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) the ideal situation is to make the code as re-useable as possible, so the same code-set can be used to handle multiple situations instead of having a hard-coded solution.  In a previous tip, “Dynamic Flat File Connections in SQL Server Integration Services” we looked at how to […]

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